Travel Blankillow


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The Travel Blankillow is the patent pending all-in-one travel pillow and blanket! No more uncomfortable horseshoe shaped travel pillows! No more dirty plane blanket falling off your shoulder! Travel Blankillow is a soothing tooth shaped memory foam pillow inside a soft flannel pillow case that also stores the luxuriously soft flannel poncho blanket. It truly is the essence of pure relaxation while traveling!

  • Tooth shaped MEMORY FOAM pillow
  • PONCHO style travel blanket
  • Luxuriously soft FLANNEL
  • Durable canvas bag
  • Four separate pieces
  • Machine Washable
  • Travel Blankillow pillow size 11” x 8″
  • Travel Blanket poncho blanket size 50” x 35”
  • Remember the joy of memory foam is to squeeze it down, so the poncho
    blanket and tooth shaped memory foam pillow all fit inside the canvas bag 6” x 11”

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